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Voices of Naruto episode 92

うずまきナルト竹内 順子
Uzumaki NarutoTakeuchi Junko
自来也大塚 芳忠
JiraiyaOotsuka Houchuu
綱手勝生 真沙子
TsunadeKatsuki Masako
シズネ根本 圭子
ShizuneNemoto Keiko
薬師カブト神奈 延年
Yakushi KabutoKanna Nobutoshi
中盆高階 俊嗣
Nakabon (see notes)Takashina Toshitsugu

Translator's Notes:
The only translation I can find for 中盆 is "medium tray" (as in serving size of a meal), but that makes no sense! But as there was only one minor character in the episode, it has to be the guy at the place Jiraiya and Tsunade went drinking. And that character's name is Dengaku [デンガク], according to the Second Databook.